Frank Ferreteria Hardware Store

Frank Ferreteria
Frank Dutan, owner
Address: Autopista near Mall del Rio
Phone: 074024356
Mobile: 086971508 Claro

Founded by Frank Dutan, Frank Ferreteria is family owned and managed, conveniently located on the Autopista, near the Mall del Rio. As a private independent company, Frank Ferreteria supplies high quality, brand name hardware, building and construction supplies and materials at prices you can afford.

Frank speaks great English, knows the hardware and building supply business inside and out,  and can help YOU find the right product or tool for your needs!  Frank is aware that the products expats may be accustom to using may be different from what is available here and will assist you in finding what you require for your specific job.

Products include:

* Hardware
* Building Supplies
* Construction Materials
* Paint & Supplies
* Lawn & Garden
* Plumbing
* Electrical
* Tools
* Every Nut and bolt imaginable!

Frank’s Core Philosophy

Supplying high quality, brand name products at affordable prices is important, but what really matters to Frank Ferreteria is that we create a compelling alternative for customers seeking convenient and knowledgeable home building and repair solutions.

Frank Ferreteria strives to create a:

* quick, in-and-out shopping experience with
* knowledge and personalized customer service and
* inexpensive delivery service

We invite you to join thousands of other satisfied customers today in experiencing the “Frank Ferreteria Difference!”

If you are a building professional, we’re prepared to become more than just another one of your suppliers, but more importantly, a trusted business partner.

Frank Ferreteria is a proud member of the Cuenca Referral Network

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