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Dr Mario Sanchez
Biological Dental Clinic
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Cuenca, Ecuador

Homeopathic Dentist, Dr. Mario Sanchez has a very successful dental practice in Cuenca, Ecuador, and has a great reputation with the local and expat community. He offers the latest technologies and uses the latest techniques in providing service to his patients.

Homeopathy and Dentistry

Homeopathy is a healthcare system that works with the body’s own recovery systems to help the person get well naturally.

Modern dental practice has become increasingly hi-tech and invasive, and in some ways works against the body. Patients need high levels of anaesthetic to cope with the pain of high speed drills and often experience a lot of discomfort during and after treatment.

Using homeopathy, dentists are able to perform much more gentle treatment, creating much less anxiety and trauma in the process. Homeopathy will also aid the recovery process, reducing the intensity, and length of any swelling, bleeding or discomfort you may feel. Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional methods of treatment to give patients the best possible care.

What Is The Difference Between A Homeopathic Dentist And Others?

Homeopathic dentists will have the same dental qualifications as other dentists, and are governed by the same laws and regulations. The difference is that homeopathic dentists have recognized the benefits that homeopathy can bring to patient care and have introduced it into their regular practice.

The full range of treatments will be available from a homeopathic dentist, but also they will often be able to offer alternative treatments that are less invasive and less painful, (and less frightening!)

Many patients have found that a dentist using homeopathy in their practice tends to bring a more holistic approach to all aspects of their treatment, seeing your dental health as integral to your overall health.

This also means a more relaxed, and person-centered style of treatment!

Six good reasons why you should visit a homeopathic dentist:
  1. Because they treat patients holistically
  2. Homeopathic remedies are effective and have no unpleasant side effects
  3. There are remedies which stop swelling and pain after injections and extractions
  4. There are remedies which reduce the pain and swelling of dental abscesses
  5. There are remedies which alleviate toothache
  6. There are remedies which which cure ulcers and cold sores and many more

Dr. Mario Sanchez Prieto
• Graduated from the State University of Cuenca, Ecuador. Doctor of Dentistry. In May 1987.
• National President of the Ecuadorian Association of Rural Dentists. AEOR. 1988
• Dentist Rural Social Security (IESS) 1996-2001.
• Postgraduate Course in Hypnotherapy. Summer University of Havana. University of Havana. 1997
• Neurofocal Dentistry course, Homo toxicology, Biological Nutrition and Management. The International Society of Homotoxicology and Homotoxic Therapy. Germany Baden-Baden. 1997
Pranic Healing • Course. Master Choa Kok Sui, 1999.
• Graduated from Naturopathy. Misael Acosta Solis Institute. 2000 – 2001
• 1 st Conference of Therapeutic Hypnosis. Integrative Therapy International Depth Psychology. Azuay 2005.Universidad
• Postgraduate and specialization of Neural Therapy according to Huneke and Dentistry Neurofocal. Ecuadorian Medical Society of Natural Therapies. World Academy of Neural Therapy according to Huneke and Dentistry Neurofocal. Universita Of Pan. Natural Medicine. 2005-2006
• Attendance at the World Biennale and Dentistry Neural Therapy Neurofocal. March 2006 Guayaquil
• Seminar on Implementation of low power laser in dentistry. Med.Elemed Naxi. 2006.
• Intensive Introduction to Biophysical Information Therapy (BIT). Foundations of Quantum Medicine, Germany. Brazilian Medical Society for BIT. Euro nature. In April 2008.
• Acupuncture Course Neurofocal Applied to Dentistry. Sammi Medical. College of Dentists of Azuay. October 2008
• Course of Biological Medicine specialization. Euro nature. Ecuadorian Medical Federation. 2008-2009.
• Certificate of Attendance: Detoxification and homotoxicology. The International Society for Homeopathy and Homotoxicology. Quito. September 19 to 20. 2009
• Course Surgery-Internship-cavitation cavity Osteonecrosis of the jaws. Dr. Mckown. Professor at the University of Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee. January 2010
• Refresher Course Neural Therapy according to Huneke and Dentistry Neurofocal. Basin in January 2011.


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