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Cathy Vicente
Translation and Interpretation Services
Phone: 09 986 0667

Cathy Vicente, a long time expat in Cuenca, became a full-time translator in early 2010 after doing it part-time, along with teaching, for many years. She has translated for the University of Cuenca and for LNS, a publishing company for whom she translated a series of children’s books into English.

Cathy has also done a lot of work with Spanish websites, translating them into English as well as English websites, translating them to Spanish.

Cathy can translate documents and interpret as needed. She is also a member of the Association of Translators and Interpretors of Ecuador (Miembro de (ATIEC) Asociación de Traductores e Intérpretes del Ecuador)


  • Document Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Interpretation Services

Cathy has worked in almost every school in Cuenca teaching and managing English teaching. All of her husband’s family are from here, so I have experience with just about anything you can imagine, and enjoys helping others adjust and grow to love Cuenca.

She has lived here long enough to master the language, love the people, and become fully integrated into the Ecuadorian culture and lifestyle with all its idiosyncrasies, while still maintaining a level of understanding of how hard it can be for many newly arrived expats.

Examples of servics to expats would be:

  • Interpretation to assist with opening bank accounts
  • Interpretation to assist with setting up Direct TV or Internet services
  • Translation of documents / Interpretation for getting Censo or Cedula
  • and much much more!

Contact Information:
Cathy Vicente
Phone: 09 986 0667

*some content derived from article at CaptivatingCuenca

Cathy Vicente is a proud member of the Cuenca Referral Network

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